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My Introduction, By Richard Starita

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Good day Patriot Brothers and Sisters!

Let me begin by saying it is an honor to be in your presence. We need more like minded Americans to join forces in our struggle to take our country back from the corrupt government. This organization seems to be a great way to recruit The People.

About me... I am a 51 year old father of four children ranging from age 26 years to 16 months old. I want my children and grandchildren to have a good life with the opportunity to enjoy the Rights afforded to all of us by The United States Constitution. The Rights that have been stripped from us over a 200 year period. It's time to stand together and TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!

I am the founder of the group, STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS. (facebook group and page... twitter @StandUp4UrRites... www.realtalkradio.comlu.com... [email protected]) The mission of my organization is to Inform, Educate, and Advocate For, We The People. At SUFYR we believe that this is the first and most important step in the recruitment of citizens to stand with us. We are accomplishing this feat by organizing and conducting Rallies and Demonstrations, and providing information to The People through social media and on our internet talk radio shows, Real Talk and The Final Thought. These two shows together conduct 4-6 episodes per week.

I am also an active member of several other groups like Stand By Me For Liberty, New Revolution In The USA, III% Security Force, and The Patriot Information Network (PIN), which is still under development. PIN will be a source of information for ALL Patriot Organizations designed to bring them together as one force against our government.

I, like most of us, hold down a 40 hour a week job as a Powder Coat Technician, a part time job at the local Speedway, Writer and Host of my blogtalkradio show, and a dedicated Rights Activist. Needless to say, I'm VERY BUSY!

That's about it for me... Thank you for your time.


Richard Starita

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