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Child Support Laws and How They are Affecting Families

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We will be talking about child support laws and the need for reform. Child support was meant to be a method by which absent parents contributed to the raising of their children. However in recent years it has become a punishment for failed relationships. Often, one sided and used as a meansa to penalize one parent while rewarding the other, regardless of involvement in extra marital affairs. Absent parents who get behind on their payments face a series of penalties that are designed to further the debt of child support and often result in the obligators inability to obtain gainful employment, self sutstaining lifestyles, and inadvertantly, renders the child with unsatisfactory support leaving at least one, if not, both parents dependant on government assistence. Some states employ a 3rd party private company to manage child support accounts. These states, such as the Commonwealth of Virginia, require an interest amount which is how they make their money. Often these interest amounts send the account into jailable amounts and result in several extra years to pay down the debt. What's worse is that in these states, child support accounts start off in arrears, generating an immediate interest tacked on to the account. In Virginia, that interest doesn't even go to the child. So what can we do to reform these laws, how can they be changed for the better, and how can we ensure that the child support is used solely for the child? Join us as we take on these issues and search for a solution while spreading awareness. Call us at 914-205-5713 and let your voice be heard.


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