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Current Generation Moaners

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We all have seen the posts about.. "glad i played outside when i was a kid" and "we need more tackle boxes and less x-boxes"


well let me tell you something , if your bitching about how shitty the current generation is because of technology guess who is to blame? YOU ARE!


You buy your kid a $1000 phone then pay $100 a month for service for them and then you bitch and moan when they are on it, instead for telling them to put it down its time to do something else, but you know that would require parenting. Thats who's at fault here YOU ARE!


Thats right you thought this was going to be a rant on current generation didn't you, too bad you need to look at your self.


Me and my son play video games all the time and we do stuff outside too and he knows when he can be on his phone and when he can't because we have rules and we take the time to enforce them.


Try to be a better parent and remember your the boss and kick a little ass if you have to , the reason why you had a "better childhood" was because your parents were better parents than YOU ARE!

Its not too late, if the next generation is full of assholes its your fault.

Law-abiding American citizens who are participating in legal activities shall never be fearful of government reprisal.

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Right on Fixer! I would like to say that parenting classes are needed, but who would be the teachers?? And for grownup kids who are passing on skewed parenting principles from my generation of parental slackers it's already too late.

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