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FugitivePrices.com - New member introduction

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Hey guy's, I'm new here obviously, so I am introducing myself to your awesome forum.

My name is Michael Quam, I am CEO of Secreto Investments Corporation. I own and operate several ecommerce websites, FugitivePrices.com, DestroyaParanoia.com, RevoltWeaponry.com, FugitiveKatCreations.com, TheFugitivePrinciple.com, and The Fugitive Principle Daily News!

I love the idea of "Basement Enterprises" because that is exactly where My girlfriend and I started our company! Today we're live-aboard sailors, but still Basement Enterprise Entrepreneurs at heart.

I'm a PATRIOT above anything else, and am very concerned about the tyrannical socialist direction the US is heading towards. As a Survivalist reaction of the horrible actions being committed in Washington, my own business focuses are primarily around the EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS and FREEZE-DRIED SURVIVAL FOOD industry, NON-LETHAL SELF-DEFENSE TOOLS, and SPY-TECH GADGETRY.

Basically all the "COOL GUY STUFF" that I have an interest in personally, that I felt would be a good idea to have these products available to myself, my family and friends, if and when the SHTF! So I turned my Self-Sufficiency hobbies into a business! I am also very interested in TRUTHER NEWS that doesn't follow the FAKE, mainstream media narrative, so I created my own "Newspaper" that is "Dedicated to Exposing Criminal Cabals-Secret Organizations-Criminal Police-Government Corruption-Civil Liberties Violations-Alien Agenda's & Government Coverup Conspiracies", called TheFugitivePrinciple Daily News!

Anyway, thanks for having me aboard, this has been my "Introduction"! :)

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