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On 12/23/2016 at 7:39 AM, Southernbrewd said:

I'm in Colorado at this time orginally from Claysville, I will be headed home hopefully in February. I been here for 4 yrs and you can see all kinds of military preperations I believe Denver is ground zero. I'm looking to join, I been trying to educate people of what is in process and has been. With Denver Water being the biggest finial supporter of Agenda 21.

I grew up in Claysville, Buck Island to be more specific..perhaps you know the Bright family of crazies. 

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I'm in Huntsville, AL and looking to defend whats ours. I'm a life time NRA member. Already have a lot of training. Was in Civil Air Patrol and comfortable with most firearms. I want nothing to do

This thread is for people actively searching for a Militia to join. It is also a helpful place for Militias to find individuals wanting to actively train. Post your location and a bit about yourself.

Athens, Alabama looking

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I'm new to this site. I moved to Haleyville, Al (N.W.) in 2014. The group here split up before I could join. I'm a Army Veteran, still good with a weapon, don't need all the fancy stuff to accomplish any mission. I had a secret Security clearance and dealt primarily with attack helicopters, and have a few MOS's under my belt. I never stopped serving God & country, where country means constitution. Although; I stay on the fence on the first. God thumps me into the pit of hell to accomplish a task, then yanks the tow rope, and reels me back to the fence. I've always believed in Justice more than Law. No, I'm not some deranged crack-pot. With what's been going on in the last decade, it's time to get more involved and see how organized my fellow Patriots really are, because I feel the shtf is overdue.

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On 7/9/2016 at 8:38 PM, A. Allen said:

I am in North Alabama and I am looking for a group to join so that I can train and be ready to defend my country when shit hits the fan. I need all the help I can get. If you have any info feel free to contact me. Please yall I dont want to be left behind and defenseless when this goes down. I want to defend my country and my family. If at all possible I want to help keep this country free.


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Hello Sir and welcome to My Militia.

You can scroll to the top and click on the link in the top toolbar that says, "Near". Then click on "Near me", and it should give you a list of members that already belong to My Militia and in most cases their local Chapter, which you can also check out by clicking on the Militia Icon in their listing.

There is also a list of local militia's (that have signed on with My Militia) available on site that is categorized by state.

Hope that helps.

Edited by Matt In West Virginia

Join The Mercer County 1st Citizen Task Force-WV HERE at MyMilitia.com for proper networking and communication.
The Facebook Page for The MC1stCTF is HERE.

If you live anywhere within the area code 304 in West Virginia, join the WV-THREE04 here at MYMilitia.com to recieve help and guidance in bolstering your existing unit or starting a new unit! WV has much catching up to do to revitalize our community militias. YOU can be a part of something NEW in West Virginia, no matter your location!


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We are a group of mostly veterans and are getting up in age but ready to defend to the death and take back this country.   We meet a couple of times a month. The lead guy in the area has been in the movement for close to 30 years. I’ve been in it for over 20 years. We’ve been through many changes and growing pains. 

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We require 2-3 face to face meetings and for you to commit to attending training sessions as best as possible depending on your work schedule. I work out of town and we work around that. 

Are you willing to meet in public location and talk with us?  Pretty sure we can meet up tomorrow during the day after 1 pm. 

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Hello from the Commander of the Alabama Unit of Oathkeepers! I just want to let any person looking for a group to join in the North Alabama area, we would be very glad to have you in our unit!


If you have been following the gun control issues on the news, I guess you know by now that Virginia has passed a very wide bunch of laws taking guns out of the hands of lawful gun owners and will implement house to house confiscation! The governor of West Virginia has asked him owners to seceed half of Virginia into West Virginia , because no gun laws will be passed in West Virginia. The governor of Virginia said he would use force to stop The secession! On other news, New York has legislation requiring all future gun buyers to pass a psychiatrist exam and pass before they can buy a firearm! New Jersey and Colorado have also got stricter gun control measures on the books! People, lets all face it! The only thing that is going to Put a stop to this blatant infringement on our constitutional rights is to physically drag politicians out and tar and feather them and remove them from office and Put pro gun people in office! The time for talking and protesting is over. We just get lied to and lied on if we try to use peaceful tactics! It is once again time for the tree of liberty to be watered again!

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I highly agree with OathKeepers,  we have been humbly waiting for a change from these Tyrant Eliteist and look how far it has gotten us. They say they are doing all of this for "We The People" but they are doing one thing for us, Enslave Us. I am done playing these games with these Clowns, Power To We The People, and Prison and Death For All Tyrants. And for those who enjoy Temporary Safety over Permanent Liberty & Freedom, Deserve Neither and Will Lose Both.


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