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5 hours ago, Dnos85 said:

Dnos85 35 in New Orleans. Looking for local like minded patriots to meet with. I am new to the site but don't see any local groups.


Hello Sir and welcome to MyMilitia.com. We are VERY glad to have you in the network.

If you haven't yet checked it out, see who may be in our network that is closest to you by clicking the link at the top of our home page:



Then click on the "Members near me" link again to populate a list of registered users that are closet to you.


Hopefully you'll be able to find a unit near you with which to participate. But PLEASE feel free to mix it up here with us, introduce yourself, utilize the vast resources here that benefit a community/county/state militia or just personal goals.

We look forward to knowing you, Sir. Welcome.

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Ok finally!! I’m in Lafayette parish. Prior service Navy 07-13, and now 11b in national guard since ‘18. Ive been looking for local people with like mindedness, as prepared as I may ever be I also understand that having a community who are trained around you can fare much better than trying to ride things out alone. I will be moving around singer/robeline area within the next 2 years. But as much as I can help or offer I’m willing to give👍 

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