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Liberal Cartoonist Crucifies Children in his Attempt to Scold the NRA

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Reacting to the National Rifle Association’s dissent on Louisville, KY for their Annual Meeting this week, cartoonist Marc Murphy penned an ignorant and offensive cartoon to commemorate the occasion.


Implying the NRA kills children under the Second Amendment, Murphy “welcomed” the NRA to Louisville, but his post received less than a stellar welcome with gun owners:


I was at the convention in Nashville last year and Indy the year before that. Crime went DOWN during both.


— Bob Owens (@bob_owens)


What does this one even mean? That
organizes posses during their conventions? Posses. The 1-2:30 breakout.


— Marc Murphy (@MurphyCartoons)


Nevermind those who SAVE children's lives using firearms. Of course, you love abortion so no matter


— Kimberly Morin (@Conservativeind)


Libturd doesn't know the facts,
helps protect left wing


— Steve Collier (@not_Collier)


So original. I see you enjoy the 1st Amendment.


— Rogelio (@Roger247)


when the car makers come to town you'll have to draw more crosses and kids huh?


— Emperor Scrappy (@scrappy_neu)


Yep. As soon as they stop requiring drivers' licenses and the registration of the cars. And speed limits.


— Marc Murphy (@MurphyCartoons)


driving a car is a privilege, not a right, dear – try again.


— Jenn Jacques (@JennJacques)


Get rid of the
and it will be everything else you love up on those crosses sooner or later.


— RJ (@GuacUnit)


The 2nd Amendment makes your use of the 1st Amendment possible. Hate to break it to you.


— James Taylor (@SpacePirate_JFT)


Actually, no. A free and informed federal judiciary does that. Also, still think Fire and Rain is one of your best.


— Marc Murphy (@MurphyCartoons)



Ignoring the many programs the NRA has for teaching children gun safety, like the Eddie Eagle Program, the Youth Scholarships and Contests they offer, Hunters Safety programs, and their Youth Education Summit, Murphy is content suckling at the gun control teat for all the misguided information that paints his cartoons.


Murphy is well-known for misinformed, illogical drawings that feature evil guns and typically fails to draw from facts. Take a look at a few of his hoplophobia-filled portfolio entries:


's killer is having a sale. The Devil apparently has PayPal.


— Marc Murphy (@MurphyCartoons)


is already a well-known brand, worldwide.


— Marc Murphy (@MurphyCartoons)


cartoon on America's OTHER lead problem.


— Marc Murphy (@MurphyCartoons)


tweeted his gun. Now he's tweeting what it's loaded with. The


— Marc Murphy (@MurphyCartoons)


asks for reasonable precautions
already took the cash.


— Marc Murphy (@MurphyCartoons)


cartoon. 2015 is shot. So were too many Americans. Another year and we did nothing about it.


— Marc Murphy (@MurphyCartoons)


Black parents' fears are incomprehensible, not just that you'll shoot your eye out.


— Marc Murphy (@MurphyCartoons)


Congress has become radicalized and is a danger to us all.


— Marc Murphy (@MurphyCartoons)


cartoon – Today's
forecast. Your guess is as good as mine.


— Marc Murphy (@MurphyCartoons)


Terror doesn't need a boat.
. Take ignorance, add irresponsible politics.


— Marc Murphy (@MurphyCartoons)


cartoon. Sorry you got shot. Here's some flowers. Oh wait, you're dead.


— Marc Murphy (@MurphyCartoons)


Sunday 'toon already online.The conversation has been delayed long enough.


— Marc Murphy (@MurphyCartoons)



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