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hello my name is Lynn Petersen I would like to join the 304 militia in Jefferson county my husband is currently trying to get Berkley and Jefferson county together to start an active unit . grew up on a dairy farm I can hunt shoot can and preserve food we garden and grow livestock and poultry

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Good day troops


I am working on getting COMMS open in the MyMilitia web site. If anyone here is listed as a leader, message me and let me know if you are interested in COMMS. We are running out of time to get organized. Currently we are posting topics related to functions, processes, gear, etc. Looking forward to hearing form Militia leaders. If you are not a leader urge your leaders to get on and let me know.


Captain 19th Tn. Infantry

Everything seems to be good on my end. Going to try clearing history and see what happens. It's just aggravating every time.

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