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40 minutes ago, USNpatriot said:

No problem. We're in the lounge now, where we are discussing this. But I think others may want to see this info also.

Oh you have a good point there. Well anyone that views this Now knows the best cheap handhelds, where to get them, modals to look for, and where to go for frequencies


48 minutes ago, USNpatriot said:

Talk communications in Utah

I can't find that forum


Is a basic overview of the bf-a58



Is the specs on the uv-82hp


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32 salt lake city,

Hello brothers,

 I've spent a better part of my life in the mc world holding every office and holding the rank of chapter president for 2 years. Ive been through body guard training and worked private armed security for federal, state, and military. Ive done personal protection work on and off over the years. Spent 3 years training muay thai and currently studying bjj. I am a distinguished graduate from frontsight and do my best to keep up on my marksmanship and tactical training. Also I do some hard core back packing and self reliance.


I'm a father of a little girl and married to a wonderful lady that spent 5 years in the army. 


I am concerned with what I am seeing the world become and I want to put my skills, training, and experience to use.


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Anti republican AND democrat. 44 year old    . Born and raised in philadelphia. Certified personal trainer, basic mma training, basic firearms training. 

Looking for band of brothers to improve tac training, basic combat to defend REAL Americans and our REAL freedoms from this tyrannical circus in Washington!

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Good day troops


I am working on getting COMMS open in the MyMilitia web site. If anyone here is listed as a leader, message me and let me know if you are interested in COMMS. We are running out of time to get organized. Currently we are posting topics related to functions, processes, gear, etc. Looking forward to hearing form Militia leaders. If you are not a leader urge your leaders to get on and let me know.


Captain 19th Tn. Infantry

Everything seems to be good on my end. Going to try clearing history and see what happens. It's just aggravating every time.

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