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Militias - Why Are They Necessary?

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This will be one of the most important episodes Real Talk has done! Tonight, we will be providing you with the best information available about the NECESSITY of Militia Groups in The United States. Our Constitution affords us this right to protect us from ALL ENEMYS... foriegn or domestic. In this country today, We The People are definitely being threatened by a domestic enemy... our corrupt government. Join us as we welcome the TOP sources of this subject, including Gillis Mleesick, an Expert Constitutionalist, Bill Smith and Chris Hill of Texas Security Force III%, an important message from Chad Embrey, founder of MyMilitia.com, and much more! It's time for us to STAND TOGETHER AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!! It's time to STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!!


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We are concerned patriots who are not confident in the direction of our society. In order to protect the constitution and our way of life, we decided to build a website that will unite people like us with militias and militias with people like us, in doing so we have created the #1 militia community online.


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