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Armed White House Intruder Stopped By Transgender Bathroom Policy, Bullets

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An intruder who wanted to use Barack Obama’s transgendered bathroom was “triggered” Friday afternoon by a Secret Service agent who stood his ground (or that’s close enough to truth for the mainstream media).


A Secret Service officer shot an armed man who approached the White House complex Friday afternoon with a weapon in plain sight and refused to drop it, law enforcement officials said – in an incident that put the White House temporarily on lockdown.


The lockdown has since been lifted, and officials say everyone at the White House is “safe and accounted for.” President Obama was out playing golf at the time of the incident — but Vice President Biden was in the complex, and secured, his office said.


While an official stressed the suspect did not access the White House complex itself, the shooting happened within view of sightseers outside the front of the building.


Late Friday, a U.S. law enforcement official told Associated Press that authorities had identified the gunman as Jesse Oliveri of Ashland, Pennsylvania. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to release the information.


The suspect is in custody and has since been transported to a hospital, but senior Capitol Hill sources say he was “critically wounded” and is not expected to survive.


The motive appears to have been “suicide by cop,” a source told Fox News.


Fortunately the intrusion was during the work week so President Obama was on the golf course at Andrews Air Force Base, and was not in danger.


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