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“Firearms Instructor” Avoids Charges After Shooting Man in Shoving Match

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We wrote about the shooting of agitated convenience store customer Shawn Breland by an open-carrying “firearms instructor” (it says so, right on his shirt) when the incident took place in early April.


We noted at the time that the “instructor’s” decision to follow Breland out of the store, overtly attempting to get his license plate number, was a dangerous and needless provocation, roundly panned by defensive firearms experts and serious students of self-defense alike.



Shawn Breland, left, was about to leave the store after a petty argument with the store clerk with the “firearms instructor” escalated the situation by following Breland out of the store, something no competent defensive firearms instructor would advocate.


A now even more upset Breland then followed the “instructor” back into the store. Open carry supporters often claim that the presence of an open carried firearm deters violence. That was clearly not the case here.



After the open-carrying “instructor” escalated the situation, Breland followed him back into the store. The presence of a firearm was not a deterrent.


Breland eventually kept pushing the “instructor” back into a corner, to the point that the instructor pulled the gun, and then after another couple of shoves, shot him… apparently as the store’s manager stood directly behind Breland. It’s a matter of pure luck that the “instructor” didn’t shoot both men.


St. Tammany Parish District Attorney Warren Montgomry decided not to charge the “instructor” in this instance. He very easily could have gone the other way, and in parts of the nation where attitudes towards self-defense are a bit less liberal, this would have easily resulted in a criminal homicide charge.


Be smart out there, folks. You can’t count on lucking into a district attorney who will accept “repeated shoving” as an justification to take a life.


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