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American Companies: The Big 3 to Ma and Pa's

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future topic: the culture of american companies... how they have lost american values and are ruining what it means to say "Made In America."


please discuss

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My opinion...This is an interesting question, but it is part of a much bigger picture. Capitalism with excessive government means forced survival for some and end of business for others. Follow the money and blame everyone. All government branches, companies, and people are part of the process. Some are pawns, others are kings and queens. Some or all of Congress makes laws based upon personal gain of self and for contributors. Laws are productive to some and counterproductive to others. Most people are forced to buy cheapest products up front to save money. Regulation, taxation, and invasion of privacy run rampant to the ruin of the sovereign citizen. The solution? Educate oneself of this process and recognize what needs to be done. Restore the Constitution. Limit government back to the beginning federal powers. Capitalism thrives in the limitation of government. We the People still need to be governed by our republic system.

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