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Hey boys and girls. I have been asked to be one of the forum mods on this site.

Let me start by saying that this site welcomes everyone that is of a like mind in the patriot movement.

I see this as a sharing of ideas, information, events, and training.

We will not tolerate the disrespect of other members or groups. This is a large problem within the patriot movement. We can't always agree to disagree.

I know we will have a lot of alpha males and females show up. Let's respect the fact that we are all in the fight.

With that being said, let's hear it.oathkeepers2.thumb.jpg.b1f43289172d5b40f7c3ccba44c340af.jpg

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Very well stated! It is true that it is very hard to get everyone to see eye to eye at times, but we all must remember that we stand for the same cause. Differences must be set aside and work together!

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