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2 tips for survival during the apocalypse

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2 tips for survival during the apocalypse


1. Buy a Tuxedo.


Because in case of a disaster You want to look like the most important person to save.


2. Learning to Lie is easier than learning to fly.


When all hell is breaking loose and a crowd runs up to you and asks if you know how to fly a plane. You better say yes convincingly or your going to be left behind. Don't worry when your in the cockpit looking all confused and shit you can say your planes a lot different then this one, if you crash and burn no one will live to call you a lier, if you make it your a hero its a win win

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Are you really sure you want a tuxedo? Do you want to look like you are the guy that has money and resources around a bunch of starving, desperate, dangerous, people?


Lying may be a good short term solution, but if you lie to the wrong people and are discovered, well. That will be the end of your story in a hurry.

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That's an interesting perspective. I guess it depends on the situation. It might be just as likely you want to be the person no one notices.

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