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“He didn’t Do Nothin’!” But The Video Shows Otherwise

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Jose Joaquin, 37, claimed that his brother, Mario Mejia Martinez, wasn’t doing anything wrong and was attempting to walk away from police when he was shot for no reason at all by Everett (MA) Police.


Mr Martinez said he did not see his older brother, Mario Mejia Martinez, holding a weapon or advancing toward the officer during the confrontation in Everett Square.


He said the video shows his brother attempting to walk away from the officer.


Mr Martinez told a Spanish-language TV channel: ‘My brother did not threaten the police. That’s a lie.’


Mr Martinez said: ‘My brother was standing there. My brother was not doing anything to anyone.’


Video shows Joaquin’s claim to be a bald-faced lie, as Martinez was shot while charging an officer with a knife in his hand.



The officer sidestepped and fired the final shot at Martinez as the El Salvadorean (legal?) immigrant charged past him in his attack and collapsed.


The video shows quite clearly that the officer created space after seeing Martinez pull the knife with his right hand, and that he did not fire until Martinez began his charge towards him.


Never trust an eyewitness account, folks, especially one with a motive to lie.


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