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Burglars Expecting to Find Paydirt Find Armed Resident Instead

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Police say two men who broke into a residence in southern Michigan Tuesday expecting to hit paydirt, ended up kissing dirt instead.


The pair of 18-year-old burglars were shot and killed by an armed resident of the home after he became aware of the home intruders.


“Potentially some sort of theft going on at that point,”said Springport Police Chief Dave Luce. “There was a confrontation with the victim that did turn deadly.”


The shooting occurred at approximately 6:50AM Wednesday, in the 13000 block of Town Road in Springport Township, Luce said. Police have identified the men as 18-year-old Jackson residents Matthew Lyle McMillen and Hunter Scott Lentz.


The chief told reporters that a resident of the house shot the victims and did not leave the scene. The armed resident called the police and was questioned by detectives. They have not been taken into custody or arrested at this time.


While residents of the area say they were shocked at what happened, Chief Luce agreed with them.


“No, I said I’ve been here 4 and a half years and this is the first fatal shooting that we’ve had since I’ve been part of that department in that area,” Luce said.


Though police also say there have been issues with people breaking and entering into homes in the township recently.


Stay vigilant, citizens.




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