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Our Constitutional Republic is Slip-Sliding Away

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According to Rasmussen, 71% of Democrats polled would vote for Hillary Clinton even if she is indicted for her many and obvious crimes. Hers is a lifetime of lies and crime, not leadership, not service – thievery and skullduggery.


How is this possible, that her supporters do not care if she is a liar and a serial law-breaker? It is possible because of the Left’s fifty-year program, as Dennis Prager often says, to “erase distinctions” – between right and wrong, good and evil, male and female, truth and lies, nuclear family vs. the “village, ” parents vs. gov’t. , education vs. indoctrination, etc. Under the Obama administration we have reached the Left’s apotheosis of that agenda. Our government is lawless, a plutocracy that has lulled a once civilized society into dull-wittedness. Voters no longer care about character, honesty, truth or goodness. Laws don’t matter, the Constitution does not matter, even to many of the Republicans in Congress who have done nothing to thwart Obama’s extra-Constitutional edicts.


The goodness of our leaders no longer matters. Most people no longer care if the our leaders are greedy, power-hungry narcissists, like Obama, Clinton and Donald Trump. Those of us old enough to remember actual standards are left to choose among the lesser of these poor options.


Americans have for so long taken for granted the liberty and freedom we have enjoyed that were designed by and granted to us by the Founders. We are blind to the gradual disappearance of these gifts. We are the proverbial frogs in a slow-to-boil pot, too sanguine to protest. We have let it happen. The “government” no longer approves of coal or gas so we must learn to do without, as though their private planes or Air Force One are going to get off the ground on wind or solar. No. They will have all the perks of their wealth and privilege, which has nothing whatsoever to do with race or color. It has to do with their money, power and their intent to control the citizenry, to put more and more people out of work, to make them all dependent on the oh-so-generous-with-other-people’s-money government.


But the money has already run out. The national debt when Obama took office was $10.6 trillion. Today it is $19, 231,466,138, 367! Obama has doubled our debt. Tax revenues are greater than ever but this administration still spends billions more than is paid to it. Obama spends millions of it traveling the world for his own luxury vacations among the like-minded rich and powerful. He spends billions more of it welcoming, coddling, illegal immigrants and tens of thousands of refugees from the Middle East, without regard for their potential terrorist inclinations. This compulsion of his will likely haunt and kill us for years to come. It is also depriving millions of Americans of the jobs they would be happy to do if they had the chance. Ninety-five million people are out of the labor force – a record.


This catastrophic debt, too, seems not to penetrate the minds of most voters, especially the Democrats who have, for the most part, incurred it. (Yes, the Iraq war was costly and Obama has nearly paid for by eviscerating our military in revenge.) It is as though they think it will never have to be repaid. But it will; by our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, along with the nearly trillion dollars in unpaid college loan debt and the horrific debt incurred by Obamacare, all of which Hillary Clinton means to further heap upon unsuspecting taxpayers. We will be left with little to live on after the Democrats are done with us. That is their goal; impoverish us all until we are malleable and grateful for their pernicious “management” of our lives. They will never be happy until they have achieved their pie in the sky – “income equality” – among the masses. Venezuela here we come.


President Obama, Clinton and the rest of the Left, for reasons those of us on the right cannot begin to fathom, have come to loathe America as founded, despite all her trials, course corrections, and phenomenal advancements over its 240 years. For the Left, America’s striving to remain the last, best hope of civilization is a thorn in the side of their beloved doctrine of moral relativism, their belief that there is no such thing as a hierarchy of cultures; no one culture or civilization is better than another, no matter how sick a society may be. Think ISIS. And these are the people who thought Obama would be a good President, that think Hillary will make a good President. Ben Franklin noted that the Constitution gave us a Republic, “if we can keep it.” We are indeed letting it slip away.


Written by Patricia McCarthy.


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