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FRIDAY NIGHT MILITIA FIGHT!!! --- Get Informed --- Get Educated

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What do you know about today's Modern Militia? Probably not as much as you should. Tonight, join The Real Talk Crew, Sgt. SUFYR, Capt. Gillis, Tugboat Dave, and a lot of back-up from several Militia members as we inform and educate you of what and why on the topic of Today's Modern Militia Movement. With the time for action drawing near, the need for recruits is getting extremely important! We here at Real Talk with Stand Up For Your Rights are on a mission to help spread the word about the true meaning of a Militia! In order to correct the situation we now face with our corrupt government, a Revolution is imminent. We know that sounds sort of extreme... but it is VERY realistic. It's time to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK before We The People are completely stripped of ALL of OUR RIGHTS!!! Listen and learn... Remain open minded and concerned about the future of this Republic. As always... Your questions and comments are welcome here at Real Talk. Whether they be positive or objective. Call in at (914)205-5370 and talk LIVE ON THE AIR with the hosts and guests. You won't be ridiculed or rejected here. EVER! Remember to always... and we mean ALWAYS... S T A N D U P F O R R I G H T S ! ! !


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