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Republic of Georgia Defense Force

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Republic of Georgia Defense Force

My name is the Resister I am the Commanding Officer of the Militia of Georgia. I once quipped that in order to get people to attend a militia meeting, they might all come if we had naked ladies, beer, and pizza.


Well, these are family events and the beer and naked ladies are out. But we do want to meet all those who may have an interest in the future of this country and want to know more about the militia. And for those of you who are already in, we need to discuss the direction the militia will be taking over the next few months.


Once you reply, we'll send you the directions and other information you may need. If you have further questions, you can reach me at 770 962 3113 or you can e mail me at [email protected]

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The listed website is from circa late 1990s.  After the Militia of Georgia organized units across Georgia, the Republic of Georgia Defense Force became the Militia of Georgia and unified with U.S. Militias.  The leader of U.S. Militias,Dan Shoemaker, got into trouble with the system and landed in prison.  U.S. Militias gravitated toward the Militia of Georgia for their new de facto leadership.  States, however, failed to establish statewide units and the Militia of Georgia became both the Militia of Georgia and U.S. Militias by default.  Ironically, the Militia of Georgia still exists, still operates and while the phone number above (In Fixer's post)  is no longer connected to the militia, the P.O. Box is.  


Republic of Georgia Defense Forces is a unit of the Militia of Georgia.  The Militia of Georgia is the official state headquarters and, while there is no official U.S. Militias, the Militia of Georgia does provide assistance to those in other states under the umbrella of U.S. Militias.


In addition, the Militia of Georgia used to be part of the AWRM organization that developed the National Militia Standards.  But, most militias are always in a state of flux where Internet leaders are always coming and going and legitimate organizations get smeared by the power of the Internet.  Once AWRM came to power, they declared a war on some other militia groups; the militia was split into many factions; today AWRM is gone.  To my knowledge, the Militia of Georgia is the only organization left from that era.

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