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First off we need to state who and what we are not.


The real Militia is not Anti-Government. We believe in a Contitutional Republic form of Government as originaly outlined by the Contitution of the United States of Amercia. If you have never read the Founding Documents of this country, please follow the link. You will see where we have gone.


The real Militia is NOT Racist. We are made up of every race. If you have a problem with this, please go find a site that suits your needs, as you will not be welcome here. All Citizens of these United States are welcome, regardless of Color, or Race, Religons.


Many groups that are racist and militant have associated themselfs with the Militia. This is a wrong assumption, as they are just racist, militant groups that have nothing to do with the Militia, and should not be related to the Militia in any way.

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