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Hey Media, A-R You Sure You Know What You’re Talking About?

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I’m in no way shape or form a weapons expert, but I do know that the AR in AR-15 stands for the ArmaLite rifle, the company that developed it in the 1950s.


I also know that AR does NOT stand for assault rifle or automatic rifle and that AR-15-style rifles are NOT ‘assault weapons’ or ‘assault rifles’, as the media loves to call them.


No, the Orlando shooter did not use an AR-15 and no, I’m quite sure the media doesn’t give a lick whether they’re reporting good information on it in that regard because ultimately, they’re only interested in advancing the gun control narrative.


Although gun-control advocates started using the term “assault weapons” to refer to firearms like the AR-15 back in the 1980s and we can thank Hillary’s better half for signing the Federal Assault Weapons Ban in 1994, there is absolutely no excuse for this ignorant term to be tossed around in today’s “just Google it” age of information readily available at our fingertips.


I am sick and tired of people tossing that phrase around like they know what they’re talking about, from the Daily News,


Today's front page: Hey


— New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews)



…to NPR,


Assault Rifle Bans Find Life On State Level
via NPR


— Afghan Herald (@AfghanHerald)



…to Vice,


The states where you can buy an assault rifle but not medical weed





…to The Age,


this US politician is giving away assault rifles at a fundraiser


— The Age (@theage)



we have got to start taking each and every one of these ignorant inflammatory media outlets to task.


An assault is an action and is carried out through a physical or verbal threat of bodily harm coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause the harm. It is not an appropriate description of an inanimate object.


If anything, the AR is a gun I’m allowed to own under the American Right to keep and bear arms, it is an Awesome Rifle and one thing is for certain, thousands of AR’s have remained in the hands of responsible law-abiding citizens and never harmed one single person, and are therefore Amazingly Reliable tools for self defense and shooting sports.


Sorry gun grabbers, but facts are facts – deal with it.


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