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Whom Among You Are Coming For Our Guns?

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In the wake of the deadliest Islamic terrorist attack since 9/11, Democrats both elected and editorial have been fiercely waging a campaign to address what they consider to be the real threat: 110+ million law-abiding American gun owners, and the Constitution of the United States.


Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton was to ban entire classes of common firearms, and bankrupt the gun industry entirely if at all possible by repealing a federal law that protects the industry from frivolous lawsuits.


Others, like Senator Joe Machin, want to trash the Bill of Rights entirely, stating that the Fourth Amendment right to due process “is killing us,” as he and his fellow Democrats argue that bureaucrats and politicians should be able to put put citizens on arbitrary lists and strip them of core constitutional rights without any credible evidence they’ve committed, much less been convicted of, a crime.


Some progressive pundits, such as Vox writer Dylan Matthews, are going even further that gutting the Constitution, and seem to be openly yearning for what also sounds like a dictator or a king.


This is not Dems' sales pitch but I'm totally down with letting the prez unilaterally ban people (hopefully everyone!) from buying guns


— Dylan Matthews (@dylanmatt)



This comes just a week after other radical leftists in the media called for domestic terrorism against their political opponents.


Quite a few of these radicals even have the notion that they have enough momentum and power that outlawing and confiscating firearms is something they should try.


Worth repeating: we are coming for your guns and given enough time, we will take them.


— Dominic Polo Nanni (@dominicnanni)



This midset was even evident in my 2 hour and 27 minute call with TIME writer Nate Hopper about firearms yesterday for an article that he’s writing. He was adamant (but not rude) in his sincere belief that all guns should be outlawed, and then confiscated from American citizens. He seemed surprised when I told him what would happen if he and his fellow Democrats attempted to carry out their fantasy of outlawing and then confiscating firearms.




I keep politely asking: whom among you calling for outlawing guns are going to sign up to help confiscate them.




— Bob Owens (@bob_owens)



I’ve asked this question several times this week, and I’ve yet to see much in terms of a coherent response, and with good reason.


As I pointed out to Nate yesterday, most police officers will refuse to carry out a confiscation order, as will the military. A order to confiscation guns clearly violates the Constitution. They’ll not just refuse to carry out such an order, they’ll likely turn on the federal government itself.


As a matter of documented fact, more than 1,100 Green Berets—Army Special Forces troops who specialize in creating insurgencies and toppling hostile governments—wrote an open letter to President Obama after the Sandy Hook massacre in support of the Second Amendment. The clear, implied threat was that if the President or his Constitution-hating allies in the Democrat Party attempted to exceed their constitutional authority and began confiscating firearms, they’d go AWOL and used their skills to overthrow a rogue government.


It’s going to be gun-hating Democrat “true believers” who would have to attempt to carry out any attempt at confiscation, while defending the government from the largest insurgency in world history. Now, you might find people like Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Seth Moulton willing to pick up a gun in an attempt to disarm his fellow citizens who have some degree of skill at arms, but they’re going to be very few and far between.


The vast majority of those yearning for gun confiscation are old hippies or relatively frail and doughy millennials who are lacking what we’d call “proper mindset.”


It would be like being invaded by Canadiens.



I sincerely hope that the Democrat Party comes to its senses soon and stops attempting to undermine the Constitution. If they don’t, well, let’s just say it probably won’t end well for them.


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