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Im one of them people who wears sunglasses nearly all my waking hours when I'm outside, mostly due to working swing shift and somedays wishing the sun would just go away. This being so for years i have been going threw gas station sunglasses 4-5 pair a year.

5 years ago i bit the bullet and got me a pair of Oakley's Full Polarized Flak Jacket Black/Black. they were $210

And today I'm proud to say I'll be handing them down in Perfect Condition to my son and I have ordered me my new pair.




$260 (Paid $198)

Im very interested to try the new photochromic lenses as i will wear them in multiple light conditions.

2 years ago I bought my dad a set of Oakey TITANIUM CROSSHAIR with Polarized lenses for $240 because he has some eye issues and he absolutely loves them.

If you think $200 is Stupid for sunglasses , you have obviously never had genuine Oakley's.


This is one purchase you will not regret.


I am not at liberty to go into details about my day job but when it comes to quality , i ensure you Oakley is second to no one. Trust me I know


Here are my new ones !!...






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I wear glasses, and I love my Wiley X's. If you do anything that requires safety glasses, Oakley and Wiley X are excellent options that will last you through the most rugged of situations.

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Good sunglasses are worth their weight in gold. I drive a lot in the daytime, and find they keep my eyes from getting red and itchy. Helps with the light and keeping wind from drying eyes out.

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My Oakleys are scratched beyond salvation. I need a new pair. I might get this set.


i got them in the sale area




once i got the white pair the site changed to sold out only the black ones are left in the "transistion" lens



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