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Why Did Senate Democrats Block Background Check, Terror Watch List Bills?

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If you get your information only from left-leaning politimedia, you might get the impression that last night’s four votes on proposed firearms bills were sponsored by Democrats and blocked by Republicans.


The first vote was held around 6:00 PM. Republican Senator Charles Grassley’s bill to increase funding to the FBI’s NICS background check system so that the system had more accurate criminal and mental health data was blocked by Senate Democrats. It had 53 votes for it and 47 votes against it, falling short of the 60 vote majority needed because liberal Senators voted against it.


Shortly afterward, liberty-hating Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy’s attempt to force so-called “universal” background checks down the throats of American citizens was defeated on a 44-56 vote.


Democrats then conspire to shoot down a bill by Texas Senator John Cornyn that would have denied gun sales to people n terror watch lists after a three-day delay if prosecutors could make a case to a judge that the person was an actual threat. Roughly 40-percent of people on watch lists have no known ties to terrorist groups, and were placed there for absurd reasons, such as attempting to book a flight with an expired credit card. Democrats voted against this bill and kept it from passing the 60-vote threshold because it required the government to prove the person being denied their rights actually was a terror threat. The bill fell short 53-47.


Democrats then tried and failed to push their own watch list bill, which would deny the right of any American citizen to buy a gun for arbitrarily being placed on any government list, even without ties to terror groups or evidence that they’d done anything wrong. This direct assault on your constitutional right to due process was defeated 47-53.


When the media spin on these votes is stripped away and the essence of these four bills is laid bare, it’s very clear that Senate Democrats were attempting to exploit a Islamic terrorist attack by a registered Democrat (and alleged Hillary Clinton supporter) as an excuse to attack the Bill of Rights and infringe on the rights of law-abiding American citizens in order to increase government power over the citizenry and create Soviet-style lists to “unperson” Americans of their rights.


What did those evil Republicans do?


They tried to strengthen reporting to the FBI’s NICS background check system, and pass a bill that would have balanced the interests of the state in preventing terrorists from buying guns with the individual’s right to due process.


The Republican Party has largely been a clown show in recent years, but they’re far better than the increasingly Stalinist left, which drove the ACLU and NRA together in opposition to the Democrat’s Constitution-crashing attempt to allow the government to create and act upon enemies lists.




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