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BREAKING: Gunman Killed In German Movie Theater Attack

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German state police units called Spezialeinsatzkommandos (SEK) have shot and killed a man who stormed a movie theater complex in the town of Viernheim.


Hesse’s interior minister Peter Beuth told DPA that the man was shot dead after taking hostages inside a cinema in Viernheim central Germany on Thursday afternoon.


No patrons of the cinema complex were injured and all have been released, Hesse state interior minister Peter Beuth told AFP.


“We have no information that anyone was injured,” Beuth said, after confirming that the lone gunman was killed in a struggle with police in the western town of Viernheim.


Beuth told reporters that the man had entered the cinema wearing a mask and carrying a long gun. Four shots were fired, but an alarm was set off from inside the building shortly before 3 pm, alerting police.


The man barricaded himself inside the building with hostages. It is not clear whether the man’s weapon was lethal.


It cannot be confirmed at this time whether the man had a real firearm or an air rifle, and there is not any evidence so far suggesting that anyone other than the man killed by police. All of the “wounded”—and I use that term begrudgingly—appear at this time to be suffering the minor effects of tear gas. There are no credible reports yet that this man shot anyone.


We’ll update this story as we have more credible information.


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