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I am a Southern-Born Cali Redneck that's sick of our nations leadership and the direction in which it is heading. Obama, Islam, and Political Correctness must go at all costs. I for one, am dismayed by and sick of the waiting game...


Some of you may be familiar with my onscreen name, as I have been all over the www raising Hell and posting Anti-Un-American Propaganda and being banned site after site. That's all good with me, The Rowdy Rebel Rowzer, as at least I know I'm being heard by someone of importance. I've yet to receive negative reviews from my 2000 followers, so far...


I'm the owner of 3 groups presently.

1. Christian American Patriot Templars.

2. Rowdy Rebel Rowzers.

3. Islam Offends America.

The third of which didn't start out as, but has turned into, an info funnel for apparent illiterate Muslims. As well I'm a member of, ssshhhh, We Are Many, if you know what I mean...


In winding this up, I'll just say that I'm your average jo-blo III%er, whose blood bleeds The U.S.Constitution, and I'd gladly give my life in Our Americas defence, anytime, anywhere. I specialize in Ghost Ops, have ammo and explosives experience, as well love long-range sniping. But willing to slit a throat if called for. Expert with Rifle and Grenade. Proficient with all weaponary, to include light and heavy armoured. Lets get it on...

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Welcome! The truth is never well like nor received, and many refuse to believe. A lot of people in this country have been deceived and misled by their representatives at many different levels of government. True conservative Constitution believers need to be back into the roles of leadership. We need to be leaders of our homes, as well as in our local city, county, state, and federal levels. Our influence must be broadened and our resolve hardened.


Fear not the enemy that is well armed, but fear the ones that are patient. Our enemies have been subverting our Constitution and infiltrating our culture for a long time. The watchdogs of freedom must be prepared and ready.


One of the many challenges of being a patriot is getting along with each other. We have various levels of faith, training, backgrounds, family experiences, and personal interests. This site is meant to educate people about the Constitution and our liberties, prepare them for survival, educate them in tactics and gear, and help them find others near them that are like-minded. The militia origins were in communities and home based geographical locations. We need each other. We may not see eye to eye, nor will we have the same opinions on strategies, but we are united in a responsibility to uphold the Constitiution and Declaration of Independence.


Again, welcome. Please add your experiences and thoughts to this site.

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