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BET’s Lee Thanks Congress For Attacking Gun Rights Encourages Voting For Democrats

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Black Entertainment Television (BET) President Debra L. Lee praised Congressman John Lewis and his fellow House Democrats for gun control sit-in during the BET Awards Sunday night.


I don’t usually watch the Bet Awards. In fact, I don’t really watch BET period. But my family does, and thus by default, I found myself watching BET last night.


During the awards ceremony, Lee praised the notion of “gun control reform.” Lee thanked Congressman Lewis for his “brave” sit-in on the house floor, then went a step further and encouraged the audience to vote for those who are pro-gun control.


“We all need to take a stand against gun violence,” she said. “You can make a difference. This election year at the city, state, and federal levels, know your politicians’ position on gun control. Use your voice and vote.”


And that was my cue to turn off the television. Watch for yourself below.


for his stand against gun violence





This is not the first time that a prominent black figure has called for gun control measures, and it won’t be the last. In a community that overwhelmingly voted for President Obama in both 2008 and 2012, promoting values that align with the Democratic Party should not be a surprise to anyone. It’s certainly not to me.


Get ready for speeches like Ms. Lee’s and much more like it to permeate both the news and election cycle for months to come.


This is only the beginning, folks.


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