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War on “No-Fly, No-Buy” Bill Makes Strange Bedfellows

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They say war makes strange bedfellows, and the fight against “No-Fly, No-Buy” legislation is no exception.


“We’re not working together with the NRA,” said ACLU deputy director Chris Landers, “but we’re in some places making similar arguments.”


“An important place we differ is that the ACLU does believe that there are ways that a government can regulate guns that are not going to raise due-process or equal-protection problems,” said Mr. Landers. “Relying on watch lists, though, is not one of those ways.”


However, the ACLU isn’t the only organization to cry foul on the blatant disregard for due process.


“This is an issue where it’s not just law-abiding Americans being denied their Second Amendment rights, it’s Fifth Amendment [due process] rights, too,” said NRA public affairs director Jennifer Baker. “We’re a single-issue organization, so our mission is to protect and defend the Second Amendment.”


Baker was also quick to point out that the right to bear arms “is enshrined in the Constitution. Flying on a plane is not the same as a Second Amendment right.”


Aside from the gross infringement on our constitutional rights, the “No-Fly, No-Buy” legislation is also another example of democrats creating a solution to an imaginary problem.


A report released in March from the Government Accountability Office showed that out of the 23.1 million background checks conducted last year, there were a whopping 244 people whose names were on the watch list.


That’s 0.001 percent of gun sales.


So while Rep. John Lewis insists House democrats will continue their march across Second Amendment rights toward gun control when legislators return on July 5, the message the ACLU sent to the Senate will continue to need our support:


(…) regulation of firearms and individual gun ownership or use must be consistent with civil liberties principles, such as due process, equal protection, freedom from unlawful searches, and privacy.


We must continue to contact our local Representatives and state Senators to let them know we do not want this legislation to pass.


We know the gun control movement will never stop, therefore we must be twice as loud, 100% more committed and a thousand times more vigilant to working hard to protect our rights.


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