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Thanks for letting me join. I am a Retired USAF vet, age 63. Don't run too fast or jump to high anymore but still shoot straight and true using my good eye. I don't tolerate progressive liberals or their ideas, despise the political landscape in DC, disregard whiners as pussies, hate the hands out to the government crowd and do not believe the word racist has any meaning any longer. I'm hoping a strong constitutionalist will emerge to lead our country out of the stench created by Obama. But unless the scourge that voted for him in the last two elections is somehow un-empowered I am afraid the best that we will get is an appeasing moderate.


I have lived too long as a free man and I will refuse to give in to political correctness and European style apologists. The sheep hate the wolf and the sheepdog. Fuck the sheep. We need the sheepdogs to stand together and have a platform. I may be too old to be a sheepdog, but I don't mind cleaning up after them and making sure they are properly fed and housed. My father landed on Utah beach during the Normandy invasion. He lost his younger brother in the invasion of Leyte. He talked about all the lives he has seen sacrificed for our way of life. In his honor, I will gladly do and give what I can to keep that spirit alive.


For God and Country

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Welcome! Some people believe that freedom is free. It is not, as many a patriot has given their life to sustain liberty. Thank you for your service. The country needs strong voices and hearts now more than ever.

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