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hello fellow patriots! My name is Josh and I currently reside in the great state of North Carolina. I'm honored to be part of this website and these discussions. I'm a family man looking to protect my wife and two children. I'm ready at all times and will always have your six. The time is coming to where all militias will be called upon to take back our great nation. I can't sit back and watch this shit continue any further. Our poor forefathers... They fought so fucking hard. It's never to late as long as we still have love in our hearts for our country and God on our side. God bless.

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Welcome! Our Founding Fathers knew well their history. They knew this nation was unique, and that it would take citizen responsibility to maintain it. Otherwise we would fall the way of other great nations. We have God on our side, but He has allowed us reap the bitter harvest that has been sown in our lands from a reflection of man's sinful heart.

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