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BREAKING: Shooting Rampage Reported in Munich, Germany

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Two separate incidents are being reported in Munich, Germany, both are active shooter situations developing at this time.


Witnesses who escaped the Olympia Einkaufszentrum Shopping Centre in the Moosach district of Munich, say there were as many as three active shooters. The interior ministry has confirmed at least three have been killed.


One site is claiming police have called it a ‘terror attack’:




The Telegraph reports:


Germany’s Muencher Abendzeitung reported that the death toll was higher, with up to 15 people killed in the incident at the Olympia Einkaufszentrum shopping centre.


“There is a major police operation under way in the shopping centre,” Munich police said on Twitter.


Police have not confirmed the death toll estimate, saying only that there have been “multiple fatalities.”


“We are dealing with a shooting rampage,” said a spokesman.


SkyNews reports:


The shopping centre attack began inside a McDonald’s restaurant shortly before 6pm local time, the police spokeswoman said.


“There are still people in the shopping centre. We are trying to get the people out and take care of them,” she added.


An employee who is still inside the mall told Reuters by phone that many shots were fired – and that they saw someone who was “so severely injured that he definitely didn’t survive”.



Former counter-terrorism officer David Lowe on the
shopping centre in
and why it was a target


— Sky News (@SkyNews)


MORE: Witnesses describe 3
, unconfrimed reports of multiple
across city


— RT (@RT_com)


: police say shooting in
, Germany, is over; scene is "still active"


— Sky News (@SkyNews)



Another shooting is also being reported in Munich at a Metro Station and Munich transport authorities say they have halted several bus, train and tram lines.


BREAKING: SECOND shooting in Munich as gunman opens fire at Metro station


— John Stephenson (@JayS2629)



This is the second attack in Germany in less than a week. On Monday, a 17-year-old Afghan man wounded four people in an axe and knife attack on a train near the Bavarian city of Wuerzberg.


We will have more on these events as information becomes available.





2:49 p.m. Unconfirmed video claims to have caught raw footage of the shooter and the first moments of his rampage outside the McDonalds in Munich, Germany:



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