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Again? Thugs Fire On Dallas Police In Another Apparent Ambush Attempt

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Just weeks after a domestic terrorist supporter of Black Lives Matter ambushed and killed Dallas police officers in the single deadliest loss of life for a law enforcement agency since 9/11, an unknown suspect (or suspects) lured officers into the North Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas with a shots fired call, and then ambushed several officers who responded.


Several Dallas police officers are okay after someone fired shots at them early Sunday morning.


It happened around 3:00 a.m.


The officers were responding to a call about shots fired at North Hampton Road and Davis Street, in the North Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, when someone opened fire on officers, a Dallas police Sgt. said.


The officers under fire where not injured, and other Dallas Police officers quickly formed a perimeter and called in SWAT officers to sweep the area. Unfortunately, the suspects were not captured, suggesting they either went to ground within the neighborhood or managed to escape before Dallas police were able to set up an effective perimeter.


The suspect remains free to attempt another cop killing… at least for now.


Several of the anti-police ambushes that have followed the media’s false narrative around the death of serial criminal Alton Sterling have followed a pattern of the would-be assassins committing crimes in order to draw officers into the area. This was true of the deadly attack in Baton Rouge that left three officers dead and several others injured just a week ago, along with attacks in several other states.


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