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Advice for American First Responders

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It is time for American law enforcement and fire department personel to FINALLY wake up and realize that muslims don't recognize American law and will do anything that they please. That being the case, all first responders MUST give them what they want and NOT afford them the protection of the American law they so perversly ignore. The American people NEED to start beating and killing all muslims so that they fear being here even more than they "feared for their lives" from whence they came. If a mosque is reported burning, first responders should respond so that non-muslim properties are not endangered by the flames. NO EFFORT should be expended in saving the mosque or its inhabitants.

Since violence is the only thing that these animals understand, it is time we, as the American people, taught them a lesson and sent them packing. The ONLY reason this has not yet happened is the American people, in general, follow American law and are afraid of the legal ramifications of breaking it. If the American people realized that law enforcement would not intervene to aid a muslim, our islamic problem would be cleared up in no time.

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There are many serious concerns in this nation today, and the Islamic threat is serious. It is tough to sort out the Islamic believing middle easterners from the Christian middle easterners unless you check their homes in person or observe them in their respective place of worship. Islamic immigration is against the law, but it is not getting enforced. Time for a crackdown of the immigration policies and booting out those on temporary visas who follow mohommed. Openly executing them in the streets is a rather tough sell to law enforcement as these people are still American citizens.

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This is the most difficult time of year for me. I was on Church st on 9/11 as a NYC Paramedic.

About 20 Muslims who wanted to die killed thousands. Since then I have been watching our country (and others) being sold out. We are infiltrated, and I feel there is going to be massive attacks in our country. The Democrats set this up well.

As all hell breaks loose, BLM and the "New" black panthers are going to be burning and looting. Your assorted sundried druggy Aholes are an added bonus.

I am still in EMS working in another state. I left NYC-EMS and New York City. Too many ghosts for me there.

When SHTF, Police, Fire and EMS will be, how should I put this . . . screwed.

I joined AP-III PA and wish to join a PA Militia because of a few reasons.

First, I am PISSED OFF that instead of payback for 9/11, our ISIS President sent billions of dollars to Iran to have us killed.

Secondly, I work and speak with State and Local PD and when SHTF they are going to protect their families. Someone needs to protect citizens and this country. I've been doing it since 1980, TAG . . . I'm it.

Third, I want my country back.

So my advice is Be on alert. We have a Muslim holiday of sacrifice going on right now. Election day should be a load of laughs, if we make it that far.

Situational awareness people!

Terrorists are nothing but patient. Again, it took only 20 Terrorists to stop all air traffic, kill thousands and start the downward spiral of the USA.

What do you think the 2 million scumbags that are here now will do?

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