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Supply Drop: 6 New & Notable Tactical Products For 2016

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BALLISTIC is jam-packed with dozens of new products to make sure our readers are always on the cutting edge of weapons, tactics and survival trends. That’s why every issue comes with a “Supply Drop” section with information on some of the latest and greatest gear.



And the Supply Drop in the fall 2016 issue of BALLISTIC certainly won’t disappoint.


Some of the new products mentioned include the Matador Surface, a protective mat for all your gun maintenance chores, and Bravo Company’s new PNT Trigger Assembly. PNT stands for “Polished Nickel-Teflon,” all processes that Bravo Company’s trigger and hammer set have gone through to make it outperform and outlast other mil-spec units.


Another standout product is the ABDO concealed-carry firearm safe from EAA Corporation. Designed to look like a cell phone case on your belt, the ABDO snaps open in an instant to reveal your subcompact CCW for self-defense.



But that’s not all. Scroll through the gallery above to find out more about this Supply Drop!


For even more information on this edition of Supply Drop, please visit the following websites:





Spot On Ballistic Wind Meter



BCM PNT Trigger Assembly



ABDO Concealed-Carry Portable Firearm Safe



Poncho Villa



.50 BMG FMJ Handmade 3D Expanded Ammunition Display



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