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Power Breeds Arrogance

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The guys I fought with and myself, we didn’t go to war so that some politician like Michael Bloomberg could dictate whatever he thinks is best for the American people.


We fought for your freedom.


What have those guys ever accomplished that gives them any credibility on the subject of personal protection. I served in the military for 12 years as a SEAL. The guys in this type of profession are probably some of the most qualified dudes on the planet to give you advice on how to protect yourself.


But, it would be the ultimate sign of arrogance for us to say that we have the perfect answer for you and your family and your personal safety.


Is anyone better off because they gave a mayor or a senator or president their own personal responsibility? No. These politicians only care about their own power. They know that the less we are able to defend ourselves, the more dependent we are on them.





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