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New For 2016: Mossberg’s 590 7-Shot Pump-Action Shotgun

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When designing a shotgun for law enforcement and military, every feature counts — like the extra shot in Mossberg’s new 590 7-Shot pump-action shotgun.



The new 7-shot 590 and 590A1 models offer the same compact size, convenience, flexibility and reliability that the Military, Law Enforcement and discerning citizens have trusted for years, but add one feature, one extra shot, where it is needed most.


The 590 Tactical 7-Shot, features a front bead sight, cylinder bore, matte blue metal finishes and a black synthetic stock and standard forend.


Like the Mossberg 500, the 590A1 and 590 pump shotguns meet U.S. Armed Services Mil Spec 3443E requirements and feature non-binding twin action bars, positive steel-to-steel lock-up, an anti-jam elevator for smooth, reliable operation, dual extractors, anodized aluminum receiver, and Mossberg’s universally recognized, ambidextrous top-mounted safety.



The 590 7-Shot retails for $441 and is available now.


For more information on the 590 7-Shot and other products from Mossberg, please visit Mossberg.com.


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I recently purchased a Mossy 590A1. It is pretty much the same weapon as Law Enforcement and the Military use. 8 in the tube and one in the pipe. I’ve always been a Mossy Man and only owned one Winchester semiautomatic shotgun. My house was broken into and that Winny shotgun was the only one stolen. They did not care for my Mossy 500 and I’m happy for that. The Wnny was more plasticy and not sturdy like my Mossy. The one thing on the 590A1 that is pretty extreme to me is that it has a bayonet lug on it. You’d probably never need it, but what the heck. Literally insane about this fantastic piece of hardware, I splurged and bought a bayonet for it. You know, just in case I have to fix bayonet and jab or slash my way out of somewhere. You never know. I’ve also purchased a few ammo dispensers called AmmoPALs. They are bulky but they allow you the ability to carry 10-12 Gauge shells each. Their a bit tight to load and pull rounds from but will loosen up as time goes on. The choice to go to a shotgun more so for overall defense was not an easy one. Don’t get me wrong I’m still in love with AKs and ARs too. I’ve said a good bit on here and think I need to wrap it up. Stay vigilant, expect hell to break out, prepare to fight for your life and pray nothing ever happens.

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