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Hello, and God bless each of you. I joined this group because I believe that it is essential that we, as Americans -as Civil Human beings- come together as One to ensure that our Rights as such are secure. Or as "Secure" as we are able to, that we indeed may live free of oppression, persecution and or tyranny regardless of their 'Official' status and, or 'Religious' belief.

It is my belief that we as Citizens of a 'Free' Nation, a 'Free' Society; are to embrace any and all Freedom(s) with open arms and open minds; doing whatever we must do to Protect our way of Life, as well as our Rights.

It is my belief that, as a Citizen of the United States; it is my Duty to protect the Lives of my Countrymen, as well as the Rights afforded us by our Forefathers, according to the Constitution of the United States; but not limited to those inalienable Rights afforded to us by God Himself. Even if I myself am the only one to do so.

It is my belief and personal experience that in order for Evil to succeed, Good men need only to stand in the shadows and do nothing. Well, this man does not, will not, stand in the shadows. Never have, and never will!

My mindset is not one of a Hero, or some Radical. I am merely an American with a penchant for freedom, and a love for Jesus. (I would say 'God', but in a Society, a World, where 'God' has many meanings; I decisively choose to say "Jesus." Because therein lies my True love.)

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Welcome Patriotic_Saint, you are not alone in your beliefs, there are several of us out here, some bolder than others. You profession of faith is awesome! Your stand on Liberty to the "T". If I may help you in any way. just ask! West Slope of CO is at the Ready!

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