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There are plenty of reasons for everyday carry of potentially life saving tools and equipment. All too often, EDC winds up being equated to whatever firearm happens to be carried, and that's a disheartening limitation on what everyday carry can (and should) be. My everyday carry starts on me and extends out, first to my jacket, and then to my backpack. They come with me any time I step out of my house going anywhere. I don't always take my bag inside with me at my destination, but it is available if I need it.


To start, in my pockets are my immediate go to items. I carry a Leatherman Wingman, a Gerber pocket clip knife, and a Camillus Titanium pocket knife. These tools are fairly inexpensive, I picked them up at walmart and target, if I happen to lose them I won't be particularly upset. I have my keys attached to a key chain hooked to my belt. The keys are on a cheap carabiner so I can remove them easily if necessary. I have a 100% cotton bandana in my back pocket and wear a genuine issue tan web belt. I will alternate my belt with a black Raine web belt as needed. In my wallet I carry a wallet magnifier and a Swiss+Tech credit card multitool.


In my jacket, I carry a Swiss+Tech bottle opener and a cheap fero rod. The opposite pocket I carry a Nebo Redline tactical flashlight. My chest pocket has a Rite in the Rain note pad, a golf pencil, a Rite in the Rain pen, and a Fisher Space Pen. Inside my jacket, I have an altoids tin kit.


The tin has a condom, alcohol cleaning pad, and a small ziploc baggie. A heavy duty paper clip, a normal paper clip, three bandaids, and a glasses cleaning cloth. Finally, it has a mini-bic, 50 feet of kevlar microcord, a UST Razor Saw, and a Swiss+Tech plier multitool.


My backpack is an Ozark Trail 35 litre Choteau Daypack in Dark Grey/Red. On the outside, I carry a Rave brand 40oz stainless steel water bottle I picked up at Tuesday Mornings. In the front pocket, I carry a booboo kit (with bandaids and otc meds), spare pens and sharpies, an M48 waterproof notebook, playing cards, a military style watch, a tissue pack, a travel pack of wet wipes, and a Pirate Flag.


Inside the main pocket, I carry electrical tape, three small rolls of wire, an ozark trail headlamp, matches in a waterproof container, a plastic vial of magnesium shavings, and a map of the state. In the water bladder pocket, I carry a grey shemagh and a plasitic drop cloth. Finally, if I'll be out for an extended time, I usually toss snacks in the bag, before I go.


All these things I carry regularly, whenever I'm out from the house. Even if I am just going to the gas station on the corner. The items I carry will help me get home or just help if something odd crops up that I need to tend to.

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Great idea for a thread. I just finally jumped through all of the qualifications for a California ccw permit.. So now when I'm not at work, I carry my xd9 4" service model pistol.. But if you're talking edc.....Lets talk about what come to work with my daily


Keys and bottle opener on a caribeaner.

Leatherman wave in right front pocket

Cheap folding pocket knife

Smith And wesson tactical pen

2 regularly pens

A mini screwdriver

A pen sized flashlight.


This does not include the "get home box" that is always in my car for when shtf...

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I'm looking for a penlight, the Streamlight pen style flashlight doesn't seem to fit my needs.

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Yeah Wal-Mart does suck.. They have different variations on Amazon.. I probably overpaid off the tool truck but I needed it for work so it worked out..

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