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COMING SOON – “Machine Gun America: A Play With Guns. And Songs.”

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…because apparently children learning firearm safety is hilarious and worth mocking. and in need of a soundtrack. or something.


The gun control agenda’s incestuous reach penetrates a little deeper into the arts with the addition of the play “Machine Gun America: A Play With Guns. And Songs.” scheduled to hit the stage during this year’s New York City Fringe Festival later this month.




…and who wouldn’t want to pay good money to see this?



The play,

written by gun-obsessed Joseph Huff-Hannon and billed as “Star-crossed lovers tangle with well-armed toddlers, a powerful gun rights leader, and depressed gun safety mascot, Eddie Eagle, in this fact-is-stranger-than-fiction musical farce. Inspired by bizarre but real news stories, and America’s enduring affair with firearms”, will feature Emily Donald, Brandon Ferraro, Conor McGee and Tim Murray.


Don’t feel bad – I haven’t heard of any of them either.


Not to be confused with Huff-Hannon’s November 2015 comedy “TLC and the NRA bring you:

” or his August 2015 tragicomedy “
: A play about toddlers. With guns.” or his March 2015 masterpiece “
: A Play About Toddlers. With Guns.”… no wait, I’m sorry – it’s actually all the same ignorant drivel just recycled with a new headline.


I had no idea that parents teaching their children gun safety or educational programs like NRA’s Eddie Eagle which serves to equip children with the knowledge of what to do if they encounter a gun to avoid accidents was such a dark, evil thing.


See, to me – it’s education. It’s actual gun safety. It’s giving the children knowledge which, as I teach my children, chases the curious cat away.


Yet somehow, to Joseph Huff-Hannon, giving children the tools to use guns properly and arming them with the knowledge they need to stay safe is a tragedy. A sick way of life in these backward fly-over states that has been overwhelmingly effective in keeping Midwestern kids safe for generations.


Educate kids on what to do if they see a gun? THE HORROR!


Teach kids how to properly use firearms for shooting sports, hunting or just to enjoy knocking cans off the back fence with their parents? FOR SHAME!!


Maybe Huff-Hannon should focus a little more on learning how gun safety programs effectively reach and teach and save children every year nationwide. How children in gun-friendly homes are extremely cognizant of the four rules of gun safety, even teaching their friends and classmates how to stay safe. How the NRA’s Eddie Eagle Program and the NSSF’s Project ChildSafe are driven by the unanimous goal of gun owners and firearms manufacturers: to keep children safe.


Glad somebody gets a kick out of that.


Showtimes for the play, which also features songs written by Huff-Hannon and Oscar Lopez, are scheduled August 13-27th at the Flamboyan Theater at The Clemente. You can bet I will not be in attendance.



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