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Handgun Self-Defense Ammunition Ballistics Test

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Ran across the above article on ammunition testing for handguns. This was a very large and very well done test that as of a few days ago, comprised 146 different handgun ammo loads. Their information and findings was put into an awesome format for comparing the data. It is definitely worth the time to check it out.

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New here, going to rain on the parade a bit when it comes to ammunition.

I am 07 FFL here in Ohio.

I research and develop special ammunition.

In the olden days it mattered what caliber of handgun you kept for protection.


Now-a-days it does not. What matters is the type of ammunition you put into it.

As an example:

.458 SOCOM 1.7" across when it strikes 34 1/2" of gel at 50 yards.

.45 ACP opens the size of a silver dollar penetration 8 1/2" of gel.

..40 fifty cent piece when it strikes.

9MM 105 gr 1290 FPS, Larger than a 50 cent piece penetration 9"


My favorite: .380 ACP 67 GR 1,440 FPS penetrates 3", explodes into shrapnel and stops 12 1/2" into ballistic gel at 6 feet

I am the one man show so to speak. The .380 opens up to .835 before it frags.


My ammunition I call X-Fire. It opens up like an airplane propeller or a giant "X".

That is a 9MM sitting on a 50 cent piece.




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