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Piers Morgan Gets Shot Down by U.S. Shooting Team

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Leave it to the gun-hating liberal wanker Piers Morgan to try to throw some sarcastic jab in an attempt to diminish an American Olympian’s amazing achievement.


Hiding behind his keyboard, Morgan responded to 19-year-old Ginny Thrasher’s gold medal win in a Tweet that read:


LEAST SURPRISING BREAKING NEWS EVER: America's 1st Olympic Gold Medal is for Shooting.


— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan)



Wow, nice attempt at trying to make light of such an awesome accomplishment, especially for a girl of her age!


But you know how it is being part of a team – when one of you is attacked, everybody clears the bench to defend them.


And somehow, I’m pretty sure Piers wasn’t expecting a response from the U.S. Shooting Team.


Thanks for trolling. Realize it was a pellet gun, she defeated heavily favored Chinese, & 6 proud
reps are in Rio 2


— USA Shooting (@USAShooting)







— Autumn Price (@AutumnDawnPrice)


at least we won unlike
Congrsts to
shame on


— –land of the free– (@TRJN4VR)


It's amazing, douchbags that are not from America, commenting on America. 1775


— Donald Holloway (@dholloway3279)


We'll keep our freedoms thank you very much.


— Donald Holloway (@dholloway3279)



And how.


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