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I Love Tools - Patriot Rant

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Dear Haters,


I LOVE TOOLS, All sorts, All types , All makes and All Sizes, From Wrenches to Revolvers , From Hammers to Semi-Autos I Love Tools of all kinds.

Tools help me accomplish various tasks, shovels help me dig and my Glock allows me to protect myself and others.

All These things are just Tools , without me they are nothing and without them I am nothing.

If your afraid of my tools you are not my friend but rest assured i would not hesitate to protect you and your loved ones if thrust into a situation in which it's required.

No need to thank me all i ask is that you leave me and mine alone and i shall return the favor.

This world is big enough for everyone we the strong are willing to share it with the weak but we will not tolerate suppression of our beliefs while we allow you to flourish doing what ever makes you happy with no intervention.

Don't tug on superman cape, We want peace , you must stop this aggression against us.

You are leaving us with our backs against the wall and with no choice but violence......violence is not what we want but trust me when i say "we can do it better" as the largest armed force on the planet its really no question at all.

I do not fear the impending revolution you are bringing to us, I am prepared. You will not be able to beg forgiveness, it will be too late.


Please I ask you to think and VOTE like your life depended on it because it just may.



An American Patriot





~By Fixer

Law-abiding American citizens who are participating in legal activities shall never be fearful of government reprisal.

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