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Off-Duty Sergeant Gets House Call From Criminal

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This week’s Darwin Award for Criminals goes to the man who showed up at the home of an off-duty sergeant from the Harris County Precinct 3 Constable’s Office in Harris County, TX.


The incident unfolded Saturday at the sergeant’s home on the 1700 block of N. Main Street in Highlands after the man stopped his vehicle in front of the home, possibly after seeing the sergeant’s patrol vehicle in the driveway, officials said.


The man knocked on the sergeant’s door and asked to speak with the officer who drives the patrol vehicle. When the sergeant identified himself as the driver, the man asked to see his badge.


After retrieving his badge, duty weapon and ID, investigators said the sergeant called officers from Precinct 3 and asked for backup before exiting his house and walking toward the road.


“The suspect entered his vehicle that he drove to this residence, put it in reverse and attempted to run over the sergeant and pin him between the fence and the car,” Sgt. Cedrick Collier said.


The suspect then exited his vehicle holding a knife and threatened the sergeant, threatening to assault the officer.


“The sergeant told him put down the knife to not approach him,” Collier said. “The suspect approached anyhow, at which time the officer discharged the weapon twice striking the suspect in the stomach.”


The man was air lifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital where he is in critical condition.


Officials said the sergeant, a five-year veteran of Precinct 3, has been placed on administrative duty pending an investigation of the incident.


Only in Texas could an off-duty sergeant get a house call from a criminal.




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