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TN Police Wanted Teachers to Know What an Active Shooter Sounded Like… And Succeeded

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A Tennessee police force wanted to give teachers an appreciation for what a school shooting might sound like so that they may be able to respond faster in the unlikely event their school was targeted.


Want to guess what happened next?




Exactly that.


A Tennessee police chief says an officer accidentally fired a live round from his weapon during a drill at a middle school.


Rockwood Police Chief Danny Wright told WBIR-TV that the discharge shouldn’t have happened Thursday morning at Rockwood Middle School. Wright added that no one was in danger.


No one was injured, and no students were in the building because Thursday was an in-service day for teachers. The doors to the school were locked so no one mistakenly came inside.


Police and the school system were working together on a drill to demonstrate what an active shooter situation sounds like. School employees are locked in a classroom with the police chief while an officer fires blank rounds in the hallway.


Roane County Schools Superintendent Leah Watkins said no live ammunition was to be discharged.


The rules of any simulation is to create a sterile area, remove all real ammunition from that area, and then pat down every participant to ensure that all live ammunition has in fact been removed.


This clearly did not happen here, as a live round was expended.


I’m going to go out on a limb, and guess that the officer who fired the lives round left a round in the chamber when he swapped out a loaded magazine for a magazine loaded with blanks.


Fortunately, no one was wounded in the incident.


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