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FEMA And The Last Laugh

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There are said to be over 800 FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) prison camps in America and there are pictures as well as testimony to prove their case. More shocking is the fact this operation has been ongoing a long time, from the term of Ronald Reagan. Perhaps longer.


It is hard to imagine a man like Ronald Reagan taking part in such a project and that the evidence dates to that time is not conclusive, as there have long been rumors of a “secret government” of which the elected ruling class has no knowledge! Is this even possible?


The prison camps are empty, but staffed by American, Russian and Chinese guards indicating this is part of the “One World” movement. That this is possible is confirmed by a memory we have of a prisoner of war camp in Jeffersonville, Indiana during World War II where the crew of a German submarine was held in violation of the Geneva Accords as they were not to be moved more than 100 kilometers inland, 62 miles, but were 1300 km or 800 miles from the coast.


The men in that camp were very young and when we had a big flood they volunteered to help with making sandbags to save the town. They were sleeping in our homes and eating with us! When it was over they went back to the camp. They were glad to be out of the war and some got weekends off to visit friends they had made!


We have no doubt the elected ruling class denies knowledge of this and now claim ignorance of the 800 prison camps or the building of more!


“Martial law” denies writs of “habeas corpus,” trials by jury. Under it you go straight to jail and may be held indefinitely. Perhaps for life! The threat and power of this declaration is one that is fully appreciated by few, but suffered by all.


The camps were said to have been established for the removal of illegal aliens crossing the US/Mexican border, but some camps have been built in Alaska and Canada! How is this possible without a treaty? This implies a much deeper and profound extra-government conspiracy than any could imagine! The program has advanced with the closure and conversion of military bases as they have been closed down. How deeply is the Defense Department involved? This brings the issue back to the laps of the elected ruling class with whom we have recourse, i.e. we can elect them out of office!


One witness claims to have seen an official document authorizing the program to deal with “The Disrupter’s Movement” outlining a plan for “…the arrest, execution or mental rehabilitation of all disrupters.” Tending to support this contention is the fact that the camps now include guillotines that were made in China! Sounds like the government ran true to form even in a “black” program. This is far more ominous than it sounds. If they were going to kill people why go to such trouble unless they were planning to sell their organs! Lethal injection, electrocution and shooting render organs unusable while the guillotine and hanging leave them undamaged.


To accomplish this end the official documents are said to include mandates:


“Stage One: To “terminate with extreme prejudice” (to execute) all “disrupters” who are publicly interfering with “Operation Cablesplice,” plan to take over all municipal, county and state governments under one Federal government over all municipalities and then into a world government.


Stage Two: Arrest, on criminal charges or on mental inquest warrants, all “Disrupters” who jeopardize Operation Cablesplice by their “Fanatical Religious Lifestyles and/or emergency preparedness” to enable them to live outside the government direction or aid in a national emergency. Some stage two “Disrupters” will have to be terminated, as they cannot be rehabilitated. Planned rehabilitation will take place in certain detention/concentration camps or special mental wards.


Stage Three: Arrest of all collaborators and infiltrators who along with “Disrupters” will have their money confiscated, for it is estimated that half of the wealth in the USA is in their hands.”


Those who are reporting on this operation say it is aimed at “enemies of the state” including those opposed to the New World Order, Climate Change or any program the elected ruling class is promoting. It is adaptable to a President sympathetic with Muslims and opposed to Jews and Christians, but who could ever imagine such a case in America?


Nonetheless, for those of us considered enemies of the state may console ourselves with the idea that death by guillotine is either painless or so swift it may be considered so. However, there was a 19th century physician at the New Guiana French prison camp where two brothers were guillotined who arranged with them he would attempt to communicate with them with eye blinks, right eye blink for “yes” and left for “no.” He reported that he did converse with the heads for 16 minutes in each case and both confirmed great pain. So once again, the evil elected ruling class has the last laugh.


Written by Adrian Vance.


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