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Lightweight Body Armor

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We all have plenty of options for Body Armor, from Kevlar to Ceramic to Steel.


With Hoplite plates offering us a few different options, primarily in the Kevlar and Ceramic hard plates, I've joined their affiliate program.


I am impressed by a lot of their carriers and plates and wanted to share why.


Their single curve level IV 10" x 12" plates come in at only 9.7 lbs, and is still NIJ rated. That's not bad for a hard plate. Steel plates will be cheaper, but weigh more.


Couple this with a hard armor shoulder plate, and I'm more impressed with the security I'm getting. The HASP (Hard Armor Shoulder Plate) is a marvel to me, having worn the soft kevlar shoulder pieces on my vest in Iraq. The threat of the bullet going through the kevlar didn't make it enticing to wear and I often went without. The HASP Level IIIA come in at half a pound, and only cost $169.00.


This seems high, but considering the cost of armor today, and the closer we get to total anarchy, I'm pleasantly happy with the cost versus benefit!


If you are interested in Hoplite products, please feel free to look up their catalog under my referral. http://hoplitearmor.com/referred-by/clovejoy

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