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Many of us don't wear helmets, and its a dangerous thing.


The use of helmets reduce the risk of a life threatening injury, yet they weigh too much, are bulky, and often get in our way when we're trying to look around. Special Forces started using ballistic "base jump" helmets as a means to get around this and address the problems. Their cost was nearly a thousand dollars! That's way outside my price range!


I'm happy to have found Hoplite's ACH/MICH IIIA helmets at a much more reasonable price. The price is very reasonable and have lots of options for you!


They weigh in at 2.4 to 3.3 lbs, come with a four-point harness, and a seven piece Comfi-pad suspension system. They come in Black, Tan, Multicam, OD Green, Foliage Green, Coyote Tan, and Navy Blue colors. Add-ons include: Velcro, Siderails, and Wilcox 3 hole NVG Shroud.


With these helmets, not only are they comfortable to wear, but they allow you to look up! Those of us who've worn the Genuine Issue PASGT and MICH helmets understand how that simple act becomes nearly a life threatening option!

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