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Guess Which Constitutional Right College Football Coaches are Tackling for Their Players?

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College football players in the SEC are some lucky little cubs. Their head coaches care about them so much, some of them are tackling one of their scary constitutional rights for them …you know, to keep them safe ‘n stuff.


How precious!


In a string of Tweets from the Montgomery Adviser’s Matthew Stevens covering the SEC teleconference on August 31, football coaches from across the country highlighted a common discussion between athletic leaders and players: handguns.


…for football! Or something…


Georgia head coach Kirby Smart says on SEC teleconference he has conversations and an education process on players owning handguns.


— Matthew Stevens (@matthewcstevens)


Georgia HC Kirby Smart said that he has been at places where players did have permits to carry handguns “and that always concerns you”.


— Matthew Stevens (@matthewcstevens)


Vanderbilt coach Derek Mason on his players owning handguns: “I truly believe there isn’t a need for it.” Says he makes that point clearly.


— Matthew Stevens (@matthewcstevens)



But the teleconference got interesting when Missouri Tigers head coach Barry Odom stated his players are prohibited from legally owning a handgun while they are a member of the team.


Missouri head coach Barry Odom says his players are prohibited to legally own a handgun while they are a member of the Tigers football team.


— Matthew Stevens (@matthewcstevens)


Missouri head coach Barry Odom said issues w/ hunting becomes a separate issue but he knew I meant a team policy on owning handguns.


— Matthew Stevens (@matthewcstevens)



The caring coach stated guns used “for hunting” were different from handguns, saying he allows his players to own those types of firearms. #caring


But apparently constitutionally constipated caring coaches aren’t limited to the Mizzou campus.


Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze said he does not a team policy on handguns but acknowledged “I probably should think about that issue”.


— Matthew Stevens (@matthewcstevens)


Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze says he would have to distinguish hunting rifle from a handgun. He also thanked me for bringing up the question.


— Matthew Stevens (@matthewcstevens)


Tennessee head coach Butch Jones cites the university campus policy on handguns not being permitted on campus. Doesn’t go any further.


— Matthew Stevens (@matthewcstevens)


Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops says he has team policy that his players aren’t allowed to own a handgun, even with legal permit.


— Matthew Stevens (@matthewcstevens)


UK coach Mark Stoops: “We tell them no guns.” Says players have to come to him and explain to him reasoning for why they need to own one.


— Matthew Stevens (@matthewcstevens)


UK head coach Mark Stoops: “A player certainly doesn’t need to be owning a handgun in Lexington, Kentucky”.


— Matthew Stevens (@matthewcstevens)


MSU coach Dan Mullen says he has a “no weapons policy” w/ his players. Says if players need to avoid situations where they need a handgun.


— Matthew Stevens (@matthewcstevens)


Based off Kevin Sumlin and Dan Mullen’s answers, A&M and Miss. State players are prohibited from having handguns as well.


— Matthew Stevens (@matthewcstevens)


Auburn coach Gus Malzahn cited a campus restriction on handguns but didn’t elaborate on whether he has a policy on handguns w/ his players.


— Matthew Stevens (@matthewcstevens)



According to his new NCAA Division I contract with the University of Missouri, Odom must: “Keep public statements complimentary to the athletic program and to the University and not engage in any business transaction or commerce, appear on any radio or television program, or in any public forum, or make statements to the media or in any public forum that is likely to bring undue criticism or discredit to the University, its curators, officers, employees or students”.


Missouri athletic officials reached out to Stevens the next day to clarify the University’s position on guns, stating their program’s policy contradicts Odom’s statements made during the teleconference.


From a Missouri spokesperson: "Our program’s policy does not prohibit players from legally owning guns…..


— Matthew Stevens (@matthewcstevens)


(Cont.) "What Coach was referring to when he talked about 'not allowing it in the program' was the policy that states…


— Matthew Stevens (@matthewcstevens)


"if a player has a legal issue, and an illegal gun is involved as part of that legal issue, then the player is removed from the program."


— Matthew Stevens (@matthewcstevens)


Missouri spokesperson continues… "If a player has gone through legal channels to properly own a gun, then that’s their personal choice. "


— Matthew Stevens (@matthewcstevens)



Stevens said the objective of his report was to highlight how, in a 14-school league, several programs are handling the issue of players owning handguns, and in his article published this morning, he reported:


Four head coaches – Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin, Mississippi State’s Dan Mullen, Vanderbilt’s Derek Mason and Kentucky’s Mark Stoops – stated they have team policies restricting their players from having handguns or “weapons” as a part of being a member of the football program.


The Firearms Policy Coalition, a national non-profit, tax-exempt organization reached out to the Advertiser with an unsolicited statement that they would be launching a second amendment “investigation into numerous university and university sports team policies, practices, or positions on firearm acquisition, possession, storage, carry, transfer, or disposition”.


You can hear the coaches remarks made during the SEC teleconference in it’s entirety here:



*Shout out to former University of Wisconsin Badgers coach Bret Bielema, whose only issue, along with Barry Alvarez, with his players going out hunting was concerns over leg fatigue after hauling in a big Wisconsin deer.


Arkansas coach
give details and does confirms they do have players who legally have registered firearms.


— Matthew Stevens (@matthewcstevens)


Bielema also pointed out he and Barry Alvarez were against his players doing deer hunting b/c of concerns over fatigue in their legs.


— Matthew Stevens (@matthewcstevens)



On Wisconsin!!


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