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Are you an active member of your local Militia?  

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  1. 1. Are you an active member of your local Militia?

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I joined this group in hopes I may become more active here in PA, and recruit for APIII - PA. I received a lot of history lessons on "Old and inactive" groups. It is rather sad.

I wrote and have been posting this today. I hope Militia groups around the US don't need the wake up call.

Share this if they do . . .





September 05, 2016


Over the past few years I have watched many countries around the globe and the United States be infiltrated by armies of Muslims. I have seen borders made porous by governments with an obvious agenda to achieve total control over their citizens. I have witnessed the influx of drugs into America to not only poison us, but to fund the terrorist army that is now encamped in strategic locations around our nation. Many Governments are causing dissention among its citizens to further their agendas.


When you see hundreds, in some instances, thousands of Muslims grouped together, chanting, screaming and attacking police and citizens, you can possibly understand how unified they are. There are small cities around the world where governments such as France, Britain, Sweden, and Germany no longer exercise any law. There are now No-Go zones where Shariah courts are set up, where Muslim density is very powerful, where the police DO NOT go in, and where it's fundamentally a separate country. Dearborn, Michigan is currently a No-Go Zone in the United States. Albeit, it may be rumor, but it is suggested that the current US government wishes to rebuild Detroit using Muslim immigrants.


Some Americans are just now waking up. A few are stepping and fetching to buy guns, fewer still are “seriously” joining their local Militias and even fewer are actively training for different scenarios.


What is sad is most are going on Facebook, joining a Patriot group, posting their outrage over current events and then ordering a Patriot T-Shirt to feel warm and fuzzy inside. It would be hilarious if these T-Shirts were made in Mexico, the #1 importer of Drugs, African refugees and Islamic terrorists. Being a Patriot is a lot more than how many “Likes” you get on a FB post.


When SHTF, and it most certainly absolutely will, The United States Patriot currently will be outnumbered, and outgunned. We are waiting too long to be cohesive, to be trained and to have serous numbers on our side.


Many of you will scream: “This is NOT true! We are Americans! We have resolve!” or “I have a Hunting camp that my friends and I have made ready.” Or some other form of verbal defense that cannot justify the fact . . . We are not as unified and as ready as the bad guys are. WE ARE NOT!


First off, Militia are at a point where we can only “React”. I was in Manhattan on Church Street the morning of September 11th 2001 as a NY Paramedic. You can only imagine the helplessness we all felt “After the fact” with tons of emergency units buried under burning debris, no communications and looking in vain for the people that responded in with us. Yes, we should remember that day, I know I can never forget. But we should also remember the lessons we learned that horrible day.


I survived that day because of three important factors, and that is situational awareness, training, and God. We ALL need to become more situationally aware of what is happening around us. My military and medical training kicked in. As far as God, that is up to you. But when you have a mob coming at you screaming “Allah Akbar”, I suggest you have a quick chat with God.


Patriots must train as multi-regional and multi-State groups now, not just pockets of holiday warriors. We need to teach and share information and provide experience which will also provide confidence.



Train in alternate methods of communication. Train to know first aid. Train to really know how to use, and care for a weapon . . . and problem solve a malfunction with a weapon. If you meet up with a Patriot from another State, can you be a team?


I am not going to spout current events around the world here. If you do not have a pulse of what is going on, then stop reading this and go back to watching the Shopping Channel. We need to be more PROACTIVE with what is happening. It is already out-of-control.


So, if your country is being taken over, and if you love your country, you should do the following:


1) Join your local Militia.


If the local Militia in your area is the equivalent to the Girl Scouts of America, go up the chain of command and fix it. I am certain someone is going to do something about it. If not, if you’re prior service, and have a pair, start one! You MUST get help from an established Militia in doing it.


Put a fire under someone’s ass to get together to be trained as a group. We cannot afford to remain a Social Gathering group or just Facebook friends. The clock is ticking and we are way behind the eight ball.


Get ready, get prepared. If you are not certain what to do . . . ASK. The most intelligent thing you can say is: “I don’t know, but I want to learn.”


2) Understand and know who the true enemies are, where they are, and their MO.


An example is Sikhs. They wear turbans. 99.9% of Muslims DO NOT wear turbans. Most Sikhs detest Muslims. Sikhs were at war with Muslims before Christopher Columbus discovered America. However, you may see some UN forces with UN Blue turbans. The huge blue turbans are worn by "Nihang Sikhs" and these are front line warrior Sikhs. Afghani Muslims (the common image of Bin Laden) sometimes wear turbans. You will notice however that there is a difference to a Sikh turban.


Why do I mention this? If you engage an ally, then you are no better than the enemy. We must maintain ROE. Attacking someone who looks different makes you exactly what we are up against. If I am going cross country to link with another group, I do not wish to be fired upon by a jittery weekend warrior. Training and knowledge is key.


3) Get together in numbers.


The moral in many countries is spinning down the toilet, the only difference is, in Australia, it is spinning down the toilet counter clockwise . . . that’s it. Islamic countries are laughing their butts off. To them, worldwide conquest is a done deal.


So far, Muslims, BLM, and the “New and Improved” Black Panthers have been putting on a great show for the Al Jazeera's networks. Only a handful of Patriot around the globe have done anything to show that their country will not tolerate murder and rape under Sariah Muslim law, or the burning of their neighborhoods by entitled protected criminals.


In many nations, the Police are handcuffed, and border patrol is “ordered” to look the other way. Again, only a handful of people are going out in numbers to protect their fellow citizens. What have we done here in the United States to counter this?


Next to nothing at all.


We have a constitution that clearly states Patriots need to defend their country from tyranny. It is not debatable and is far clearer in its writing than the Koran. There is no misinterpretation.


We have Muslims taking over this country, enforcing their laws and stepping on our constitution and flag. Do you really want the State of Michigan to become “New Iran” before something is done?


Let’s kill two birds with one stone. We do need to organize, and display a big turnout of our own. Let us protect those at voting stations on Election Day before the Bad guys get there.


For example, the New Black Panther Party that was charged with voter intimidation in the 2008 election outside a Philadelphia polling site was back in 2012. It happened in many other places as well. This next election will be far worse I guarantee. Organizations already declared war against “White People”. Muslims declared war on everybody.


When we do this, we cannot even be remotely construed as being biased. We cannot state: “Who are you voting for?” We cannot have Trump signs . . . but we do have American Flags! Because we are Patriots.


Remember, we are not police. But if someone is coming after grand mom with a club because she has a Trump button on her scarf, you’re all there to correct that person’s error in judgement.


Numbers people, we need an army bigger than theirs.


By showing Patriots “Are there” to protect Americans in a peaceful and benevolent manner, it will send a message out that taking this country by corruption and force will NOT be tolerated. We are here now, and we are growing in numbers!


But if we organize, will the government say we are treasonous?!


Of course they may, and very well try to.


We need to have our wits about us, speak intelligently and have our own Patriot network to send out the non-MSNBC version of events. The real treason has already been perpetrated by our own governments in many countries. You do not have to read WikiLeaks or be Tom Clancy to figure this one out.


If voting is corrupted, or Obama stays as king, or massive Islamist terror attacks strike throughout this nation, or BLM runs amuck, or Martial law does occur, the above is moot anyway. It will be Civil War.


That is why I say the clock is ticking and Patriots need to organize before the current bomb detonates. You do not want the feeling of I had a ground zero 15 years ago.


I do know that many nations are currently doomed to civil war against an army of non-indigenous invaders. The United States is one of them.


If you think Muslims are here to coexist and be peaceful, then there is no hope for you and I cannot convince you otherwise. If you think BLM thugs are going to help matters when SHTF, think about the numbers they have and all the opportunistic looting (of your food supplies) that will occur. If you think you can run away into a bunker while America (or your particular country) has been taken over, think again.


The time to act is now.


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Welcome! Thank you for your service. Thank you for your mission to educate others. Your passion is very evident. It is a challenge to get militias to talk together much less train together, as each wants to hold their command in their areas. I agree that if a move is made by the enemy, it will be severe for us.

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